Spring into “The Cherry Orchard”

By Samantha Immidisetti ’18

Appropriately selected, this year’s spring play, titled “The Cherry Orchard,” will have its first showing on Friday, April 29, at 8:00 pm at the Buckingham Performing Arts Center.  

Richard Kraus '18 and Paige Allen '17 play siblings Leonid and Liubov in the spring play "The Cherry Orchard."

Richard Kraus ’18 and Paige Allen ’17 play siblings Leonid and Liubov in the spring play “The Cherry Orchard” this Friday and Saturday.

As the final play written by the legendary Russian playwright, Anton Chekhov, “The Cherry Orchard” features a turn-of-the-century Russia, in which aristocracy is slowly receding to the rising wave of the middle class. The play revolves around the wealthy Gayev family who, after dispersing from their family home and living abroad for years, have finally returned, only to find the family is heavily in debt. The remainder of the play focuses on the family’s struggle to pay the debt and save their estate, which includes a well known cherry orchard, before it is auctioned off.

Although the play might seem to have a darker tone, Chekhov intended the play to be a comedy. Comedic elements are woven throughout the play in the form of love triangles, bumbling characters, as well as subtle period-appropriate irony.

Transforming the beloved BPAC stage into 20th century Russia is no easy task, but it is one both the director, Ms. Traill, and the actors have embraced. Paige Allen ’17, plays Liubov Ranyevskaya, one of the principal roles in the performance. “Ms. Traill has done a great job with this show, and, if anything, it just looks absolutely stunning,” Allen states. Having been involved with theater since childhood, she is familiar with the process of making a successful play. When asked how she feels about the play on the eve of its opening show she said, “I am so excited to be performing this show. I feel like the cast has really grown into its roles this past week, and I am thrilled to be playing Liubov.”

She, along with over twenty other actors and numerous members of stage crew, will toil this weekend as the first performance is suddenly upon them. Their efforts, as well as the efforts of everyone involved, will be showcased this weekend and are sure to transport you through time and distance, straight into the heart of 20th century Russia.

A Night to Remember at This Year’s Talent Show

By Elizabeth Abraham ’17

The annual talent show, which took place on Friday, April 15th, was a huge success this year. A total of 15 acts performed, entertaining the audience with everything from a jazz quartet to a medley of classical ballet pieces. Mr. Green was the oh-so-funny emcee who kept the show going throughout the night with his Rev Carrick impersonation; he also incited a surprise sea shanty performance. Other highlights include Ms. T’s unforgettable dance moves during Victoria Morrison’s rendition of “I Will Survive.”

However, perhaps the most special part of the talent show this year was the fundraiser run by students before, during, and after the show. When students found out a few weeks back that Theresa Mitten lost her home in a devastating fire, many wanted to do something to help. Molly Leahy ‘19 came up with the idea of an art show to raise money for Theresa’s family. Students took this idea and ran with it. There were generous donations of pottery, paintings, greeting cards and more. Also, during the show, students from the AP studio class did caricatures and figure drawings for a small fee. With the profits from the sale and all the donations received, a total of over 1,200 dollars was raised for the Mitten family.

At the end of this successful night, the panel of judges (Mrs. Lew, Mrs. Rickrode, and Mr. Rea) decided on four winners. Paige Allen ‘17 won the award for “Best Non-Musical Performance” with her comical monologues. Richard Kraus ‘18 and James Hughes ‘18 won “Most Entertaining” for their performance of “The Suit Song” from the hit TV series “How I Met Your Mother.” Dominick D’Alessandro ‘17 received the award for “Best Musical Performance” with a piano piece by Chopin, and Ariana Notartomaso ‘16 won “Best Vocal Performance.” All in all, it was a great night for the community: everyone involved deserves another round of applause.


Spring Sports Update

By Tyler Maddock ’18


Boys Baseball
Record: 3-4

Entering the season, the Blue Knights had mixed expectations, they returned eight starters from last season, but remained a young team. They started off the season with a loss to crosstown rival, Dallas. They bounced back picking up wins against Lake-Lehman and a major upset victory over Hanover. The loss was just Hanover’s second in league play in the last four seasons.  Alexandre Sabourin ‘17 threw a complete game shutout for Sem, striking out four. Johnny Kehl ‘17 has lead the team offensively thus far batting .438, Justin Negron has also been a steady presence at the plate batting .357. They will take on Meyers at home and Holy Redeemer this week. 


Boys Lacrosse
Record: 6-2

This year team has proved to be one of, if not the best teams in the area. The have outscored local teams by a staggering total of 73-18 in just five games. They have not been able to find that same ssus file against teams outside of NEPA. Dropping competitive games to regional Powerhouses The Hill School and Lewisburg. Offensively the team has been lead by Duncan Breig ‘17 and George Vavlas ‘17. Breig, a three year starter, has gotten the attention of numerous division 1 programs. Kyle Hall ‘16 ancorose the team’s defence. Freshmen Max Bartron and Chris Brug have made key contributions in their first season as Blue Knights. They take on Moravian Academy Tuesday at home.


Boys Tennis
Record: 7-0

It’s a new season for the boy’s tennis team, but somethings haven’t changed- they are still unbeatable. In seven league matches so far this season, they have not lost a game. Eamons Gibbons ‘17, the returning Times Leader WVC player of the year, has yet to lose a match in the first singles spot. Adrian Sung ‘17 has been just as dominate as the number two single, also posting a perfect 7-0 record. . The team will look to continue their dominance, this week on the road against Dallas.


Girls Lacrosse
Record: 7-2

Much like the boy’s team, the girls have been dominant among local competition. They are a perfect 6-0 against division opponents. They added a 8-4 victory over Midd-West High school in a non-league game. The team remains a top of the division standings in large part to the contributions of eight seniors, who have won the division title in their previous three seasons at Sem. They are Isabella Cordaro, Louise Cornell, Sarah Denion, Gabby Grossman, Rachel Havrylkoff, Megan Obeid, Katherine Paglia and Taylor Tracy. They will also rely on a few newcomers, most notably Mia Raineri ‘19 who has taken over the job of starting goalie in her first season.


Girls Softball
Record: 4-4

This year’s team has found more success in the beginning of the season than it has in years past. The team has posted wins over Lackawanna Trail, G.A.R, Myers and MMI Prep. This new found success is due in large part to the production of newcomers Cassidy Graham ‘18 and Aubrey Mytych ‘19. Sem is looking like early contenders in the division but in order to get to the top, they will have to get by defending state champion Holy Redeemer. They will take on Hanover on the road this Tuesday.