Lip Sync Battle Success

Grace Leahy ’17

After years of sign-up-less attempts, Wyoming Seminary braved the first, hopefully annual, Lip Sync Battle. While the Lip Sync Battle was reminiscent of the lip syncing success at the 2016 Dance Marathon, it ended up being its own beast entirely. Some students came prepared. Some went impromptu. Some disregarded the microphone completely and danced instead. Some even treated it more as a karaoke night. Regardless of how much actual lip-syncing occurred, the night was full of laughter, hilarity, and unconventional entertainment.

As Levi Spragues Eamon Gibbons ‘17, Liz Abraham ‘17, and Grace Leahy ‘17 stood to the side of the KCCA stage with advisor Ms. Brennan Twardowski and thanked everyone for coming, Levi Sprague Quang Phan ‘17, front and center, lip-synced the “Circle of Life” from Disney’s The Lion King. After his additional Spice Girls number with the other Levis, Quang served as the go-to backup dancer for the remainder of the night.

The first courageous entry, memorable for better or for worse, was by George Vavlas ‘17 and Alec Sopko ‘18: “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa. George and Alec got into it, leaving the stage to dance a little more… intimately with their audience. When asked about his performance, George reflected, “it was a total success, everyone loved it, we were a hit.”

While everyone laughed and cheered, no one was ready to follow it up – the Levis were pulling teeth to find their next entries. However, after only a few more performances, a line had formed all along the side of the auditorium and the volunteers were manifold. “There were people on stage that aren’t always in the spotlight,” Liz said.

Some other highlights included senior Ali Ali’s rendition of OMI’s “Cheerleader, junior Vinnie Gaudino’s passionate air-piano during “Clocks” by Coldplay, and the birth of this year’s most sought-after boy band as they covered “What Makes You Beautiful” by old hat boy band One Direction. In addition, senior Stan Zaneski not just flawlessly lip-synced Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies, but studied up on the dance from the music video. “I’m not as flexible as Beyoncé,” he said afterward, “so it was a little rusty.”

A significant fraction of Sem’s football team performed, both lip-syncing and dancing “Hotline Bling.” Lastly, PG Jared Piatnik graced the stage at least six times, actually singing his heart out every time, even ending his “lip sync” career by flipping a bottle.

As George put it, the Lip Sync Battle was overall “way better than anybody expected it to be” because “allowing kids to perform any song made it more enjoyable to watch and do.” While it didn’t yield as much actual lip syncing as anticipated, it was a great time for everyone involved.