Class of 2017 Returns for College Panel

Eight alumni returned to Sem to answer questions from the student body about their college experiences.

By Thomas Rydzewski

In a recent assembly, Sem alumni, who are currently in college, came and relayed information about their first year at a higher education school to Sem students, along with some suggestions from their college experiences. One of the questions asked was about the workload, which apparently wasn’t as much as expected.

Many students asked about the daunting workload of college, and the alumni said it was less stressful than expected. Some of these alumni are those who play Division 1 and three sports. One alum even claimed that Sem was harder than college, and all said that they were prepared for college due to Sem.

Of course, the alumni did more than just complement Sem. They gave helpful advice; adding on to the generic “you should actually study” advice, the alumni suggested we do many things: get enough sleep (naps count), study a week in advance, conference; use meal passes; check out all scholarships; and know you’re not the only new student (so be outgoing.) “The friends you make in the first week will stick with you forever!”

Overall, it was great to see the alumni return to Sem, and their advice will be helpful to not only seniors, but juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, too!

Wyoming Seminary Mock Trial Returns from Invitationals

The Blue and White Team are pictured here after the closing ceremonies of the LaSalle University Invitational.

By Shailee Desai ’21

On January 21, students of the Wyoming Seminary Mock Trial team returned to Sem after competing in their second preseason competition of the year.

After weeks of preparation, the team traveled to LaSalle University’s Blue and Gold Invitational and UPenn’s Ben Franklin Invitational. It was the first time Sem Mock Trial competed with three teams at LaSalle and two at UPenn.

At LaSalle’s invitational, Sem Mock Trial’s Blue Team placed first, with a perfect record of 8-0, the White Team B team placed 4th, with a record of 7-1, and the White Team C held a winning record of 5-3. At UPenn’s Iinvitational, the Blue Team finished in first place, with a record of 8-0 (leaving them with a 16-0 record for the preseason), and the White Team B had a winning record of 5-3. This was the first time that Sem Mock Trial won two preseason tournaments in the same year. Additionally, Molly Leahy won two Top Witness awards, and Meghna Melkote received a Top Attorney award.

After two weekends of winning, the team remains dedicated, considering the next stop is advancing to the state competition. “Nothing has changed,” said Phil Ouellette. “We still have to practice consistently and work hard. Our material and performance can always be better and will continue to get better.” Morgan Price credits this dedication for their performance over the weekend. She says, “The feeling when all that hard work pays off is one you can’t describe. I’m just so proud of everyone and can’t wait for the next step in our journey.”

Athlete of the Week: January 23

Tristan Bidaux ’18

by Ryan Perry ’19

Wyoming Seminary Hockey is off to a great start this season, currently riding a 3 game win streak, due in part to Tristan Bidaux. Tristan is a great example of the type of player that displays all the qualities that we look for in a Sem athlete. He’s always working hard, both in the game and during practice, and is a great leader for the team.

Name: Tristan Bidaux

Hometown: Montréal, Canada

Favorite Hockey Team: Montréal Canadiens

Favorite Hockey Player: Nathan MacKinnon

Favorite Subject: History

Favorite Food: Sushi

Role Model: His Sister

Favorite Musician: The Weeknd

Favorite Moment of the Season: Getting to know his teammates and playing with them