Pennies for Patients

By Kyleigh O’Hara ’21

Pennies for Patients was a fundraiser ran by Kaley Rider for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society that took place from December 4th to December 15th. This year’s fundraiser was particularly special because it was in memory of Mrs. Kathryn Hughes, an inspirational person who helped out the community in many ways. She was the mother to senior James Hughes and recently passed due to Leukemia. Since the fundraiser was in honor of her, Kaley wanted everyone to contribute so that last year’s goal of $700 could be surpassed.

The fundraiser was a major success. Money was collected in donation boxes, from half of the proceeds from the dress down day on December 6th, and from the bake sale. Many students donated on the first day, already passing last year’s amount in the first collection alone. As the week went on, The goal of $1,000 was quickly reached. Kaley was very ecstatic with the outcome of the fundraiser, as she said in a school-wide email, “I was crying in joy from the total.” She also noted that the fundraiser showed how united the Sem community is.